Our Process

Peachtree Technologies is an Internet Advertising Agency that focuses on creating an exceptional overall online presence for our clients. In creating this online presence, one of the smartest things is to create a solid web presence “foundation” and then continue to grow the foundation and attract more and more visitors.

When it comes to Internet marketing and advertising, our first objective (aka the solid foundation) is to create an exceptional website for you and your company. An exceptional website with a great message always provides companies with the best bang for their marketing buck. Once we develop a good website, then the focus turns to making sure that the website ranks well on search engines like Google (SEO).

Once the website and the search engine optimization are humming along, we then concentrate on creating a powerful internet advertising campaign. The web is an extraordinary medium because savvy internet advertisers can identify 2 significant aspects about web users:

  1. The location of users that are surfing the web (computers or even mobile devices).
  2. What the users have recently searched for on the web.

These unique characteristics allow for very targeted advertising that delivers exceptional return on your investment. Also when it comes to your budget, internet advertising provides a highly-flexible “investment faucet” that can easily be turned up or down due to business cycles or monetary concerns.

Once we have the internet advertising campaign in full swing, we then turn to managing social media and review sites. The reason why we save the social media piece of the puzzle for last is that often as we are building up the other areas of the foundation, social media/review sites have a way of making significant strides naturally. Internet analytics outfits are very good at detecting when review sites are being manipulated un-naturally, and can often penalize your site if activity looks suspicious. But once we’ve created some solid natural buzz, it becomes very easy and safe to kick the social media/review component into high gear.

Often time business owners become persuaded by others that they need to drop everything and plug away at every single new social media and review site under the sun, in a never-ending battle of trying to get a handle on the “hot new thing.” If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably already had some experience with the concept of how every couple of months there is some new social media “hot new thing.” And just when you think you’re getting a bit of a handle on that “hot new thing” there’s another “hot new thing.”
A typical conversation about a “hot new thing” may sound something like this…

SOMEONE – You’re not on ________?   You’ve got to get on ________!
YOU (groaning) – Oh great, now I’ve gotta get on ________!

In fact, you may notice that many of these “hot new things” end up cooling off faster than they heated up.

Social media and review sites can definitely give your company some great exposure, but trying to create social media/review buzz without a solid base of an “internet following” makes it harder than it needs to be. Instead first concentrate your efforts on creating your brand, telling your story, and getting your message out to people. If you are successful with this you’ll attract a lot of web visitors, and then it makes it much easier to dominate the whole social media/review sites game.