Client Goals

Our goal for our clients is pretty simple – we want ecstatic clients. We want our clients to be ecstatic from a highly-noticeable surge of customer leads from phone calls, walk-ins, orders, etc.

At Peachtree Technologies we stress making sure that our clients earn an exceptional return on their investment. But we also want to take it a step further and make sure that our clients can clearly “see” the results we are delivering.
Magnifying Glass vs. Glaringly Obvious
Imagine you had a chicken farm and you wanted to make sure that your farm was profitable. You would have to do analysis about overhead costs like feed, maintenance, housing, etc. And then you would take those costs versus your egg production to find out if your chicken farm was profitable. It might take careful analysis on a highly detailed Excel spreadsheet, or maybe even a dedicated accounting program like Quicken or QuickBooks, to enable you to figure out whether or not you were actually profitable.

But imagine that rather than chickens you had a goose that laid golden eggs. You wouldn’t need to waste time with software programs or careful analysis to know that you’re getting a good return on your investment.

Think about it – you’ve got a goose that’s pumping out golden eggs for goodness sake!

Now we’re not saying that Peachtree Technologies lays golden eggs, but we actually want to be similar to that goose in that we don’t want our clients to have to utilize magnifying-glass-type-analysis to know if they’re getting a “sufficient” return on their investment. We want it to be glaringly obvious that they’re getting great results – phones are ringing, customers are increasing, and an overall feeling that good things are happening.