Client Policy

Peachtree Technologies has a portfolio of clients and websites that we keep private and do not advertise on our website. We typically show them only to prospective customers that are truly in the late stages of becoming an actual client.

This policy differs from other “non-internet” advertising agencies and design companies. These companies market their services by showcasing a list of their clients – and even the “client work” that they’ve done.

But because of the fact that we are an “internet” advertising agency, we have to operate a little bit differently than “non-internet” companies. We implement a degree of privacy for the sake of our clients, because a key component of the service that we offer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization (having your company rank highly on search results like Google) is a sought-after web marketing skill that often utilizes a bit of “cloak and dagger” with your competitors. It’s similar to Yellow Pages advertising where competitors’ ads are right next to each other on the same page.

Companies that are successful with SEO often have been known to go to great lengths in implementing a degree of stealth to the overall process. Because of the fact that it can be in the best interest for some companies to stay stealthy, we honor that desire and have policy of keeping our clients private.

Welcome To Peachtree Technologies

Three important reasons for our client policy:
    1. It can be better for our clients.
    2. It’s better for us because…
    3. It can be better for our clients.

Because of the unusual nature of SEO, if your competitors don’t know what you’re doing, or who you’re using, or even if you’re doing any SEO at all, it often gives companies an extra edge.