Our Price


Our Prices = Great Value

At Peachtree Technologies, we have two principles that guide our advertising and marketing services:
  1. We know what others are charging – and we charge less than our competitors.
  2. We go the extra mile and make sure that we always deliver a great return on your investment.

A Client Accidentally Stumbles Upon A Price Comparison
One day a client of ours was on the internet trying to find a handyman in a particular area of Atlanta.

In the process of looking for a handyman, he stumbled upon the website for one of those monthly neighborhood shopper/papers. You’ve seen these before – they’re the free mini-newspapers sitting in bins by the exit when you’re leaving a supermarket.

This particular neighborhood paper piqued his curiosity so he did some digging around on the website and found a listing of their advertising rates. He then did some quick math and found out that a ¼-page ad (placed for one year) in the monthly shopper/paper was about the same price that Peachtree Technologies was charging him for our services over a similar one-year time period.

He then looked around the internet for other neighborhood shopper/papers in Atlanta and found that the advertising rates for these shopper/papers were all pretty much the same.

Several months later he told us about this accidental price comparison, and that he came to the conclusion that Peachtree Technologies’ services are a great value. Not only because of the price comparison, but also he mentioned the fact that advertising on the Internet gives you the double-benefit of targeting specific neighborhoods – and at the same time allowing you to reach people all over the world.
A Blueprint For Our Clients
Peachtree Technologies’ goal in the first year is to give you a massive increase of your online presence. We not only get your website looking remarkable, but we also to get your company ranking high on search engine results like Google.

A company that creates a big attention-getting online presence does get the double-benefit of not only targeting consumers locally, but also reaching people all over the world. This is different than placing ads in advertising mediums like local newspapers, local magazines, local radio, local TV, and billboards.

The other advantage of advertising on the Internet is that people are there to search for information, that’s the nature of the Internet. Many people feel that ads that are placed in media like TV, radio, and publications interrupts their train of thought, and you may have even some people who have coined the term for these ads “interruption advertising.”
Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck
And some final thoughts on the subject of price – at Peachtree Technologies our mission is to make sure that all of our clients get a solid return on their investment (ROI). For many companies achieving that ROI goal is very easy. Take for instance a clinic that’s in the business of performing elective surgeries; all you might need is 2 new clients to make a whole year’s worth of advertising profitable.

And many companies will become inspired and take their ROI to a whole new level. After advertising and getting more leads, calls, walk-ins, etc. they will often realize they need to make some changes in order to maximize their leads. These motivated companies might do something like create a new “lead-handling system” to help improve their conversion of leads into clients.

So companies that really want to transform their business will make the decision to advertise their business, generate targeted leads, develop a reliable conversion system, consistently following that system 24/7/365, and create a huge return on their investment!