You Need To Run Your Business Like Studio 54!



The title of this article may seem a bit weird, but see if this theory of mine makes sense to you.

Peachtree Technologies is committed to creating exceptional marketing and advertising that turbocharges businesses. Our goals are 100% client-focused because we understand the goals that our clients have for their businesses. Goals like: getting the phone to ring, attracting more customers, and increasing sales and revenues. That’s exactly what all business owners want, right?  Well, not so fast

If you polled 100 business owners and asked them if they want more customers (and consequently more business), I bet 99% (or maybe even 100%) would give a resounding “Yes.”

But if you sat each of these business owners down and used some advanced-interrogation techniques, you would find that some of these business owners “say” they want more customers, but deep-down in the back of their minds – they really don’t want more business/customers.

The reason why this weird phenomenon takes place is because some owners (consciously or unconsciously) end up equating more customers/business to more work, more hassles/headaches, more problems to deal with, and more unforeseen stuff that needs attention. Read more

Business Owners Love This Secret Type Of Salesperson!



How would you like to hire a seasoned salesperson that has an exceptional track record of bringing in new business?

But wait…

This salesperson will also work for you at a fixed salary that’s around minimum wage (a.k.a. no bonus or commissions).

And also…

This salesperson requires no employee benefits like: 401k, healthcare coverage, unemployment insurance, workman’s comp, etc…

And one more thing…

This salesperson never gets sick, never tires-out, and is always committed to: making your phone ring, bringing in more customers, and increasing your sales and revenues!

Sound like a great deal? Well welcome to Peachtree Technologies!

The preceding analogy is quite accurate, in that companies that work with Peachtree Technologies can essentially view us as an extra salesperson that’s constantly working for them. And we know that the simplest way to have happy, satisfied, and loyal clients is to provide them with a great return on their investment. Read more

How Much Do Companies Pay In Advertising?



Many people want to know how much money a typical company spends in advertising. That is the $64,000 question. The truthful answer is it all depends on many factors including what industry your company is in.

Many business schools conduct studies to try to tackle this ‘advertising expense’ question. And most of the research you’ll find states that that most companies devise their advertising costs based on a percentage of their gross revenues.

The consensus among the people that ‘study this stuff for living’ is that companies typically spend somewhere between 5 – 10 % of their gross revenues on advertising. For instance, an article on the U.S. Small Business Administration website recommends spending 7 to 8 percent of your gross revenue for marketing and advertising if you’re doing less than $5 million a year in sales.

This whole ‘advertising to gross revenues ratio topic’ is a big deal for many companies. But the big deal is that they actually like to do a lot of covert analysis and figure out what the competition is paying. Read more